Saturday, 1 September 2007

welcome to my blog

....something I've been meaning to start for a long time now to help me with the process of writing. I wrote my first [teen] chick lit novel when I was 13, and even though that was 6 years ago, I'm still a newbie to this. In other words, I still can't write for jack.

See, my problem is detailed description; I just can't do it! I'm a dialogue kind of girl. I have a million and one things I want to say, and kind of forget to add the surroundings and description in with it.

I'm a third of my way through Legs 11, my 9th novel, and when it's finished I am absolutely determined to go back through it and rip it to shreds. The funny thing is, I've never, ever edited any of my work. I've simply done it for fun, and to make myself happy. So this time, Legs 11 is for real, and I'm determined to work hard and make it good.

There's plenty of people and sites out there that can really help me and give me good feedback. I just have to be confident enough to take that first step and show someone else my work. For my first five novels I received 2,374 reviews by friends and peers, but this time I want feedback to harsh, truthful and real.

And also, from now on... I'm determined to write more than 11 chapters in 18 months!

Follow me on my journey xxxx

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