Monday, 3 September 2007

an ode to #1 : sam delaney

I am absolutely in love with this man. In Company magazine [which you should all subscribe to by the way; it is the best that is out there and also runs an annual short story competition] he writes the best columns that I have ever seen; they are funny, witty, and more importantly, absolutely truthful. He writes about women's interest but from a man's point of view, and on the day Company is released each month I find myself flicking to his page first to see what the topic of dicussion is this week.

I waited until October's issue to see what he would write about this month but unfortunately he doesn't have his own page in the new-look Company, and I'm hoping it will be back to normal next month.

His previous columns include:

Sept 07 - More Than Friends - why do your best bloke mates always fancy you?
Aug 07 - I'm Man Enough for Girlie TV
June 07 - Can Women Be Too Successful
May 07 - Argh! It's Groomzilla
April 07 - The Curse of The Mummy (In Law)
March 07 - Male Mini - Break Fear Explained!
Jan 07 - Is It Ever OK For Girls To Talk Ex?
Dec 07 - Twas The Fight Before Christmas

It is worth buying Company to have a read of his page [and because it is actually the best 20-something's mag on the news stand]. He also writes for the Guardian, Ch4, Ch5 and the BBC and also has a book out now - Get Smashed: The Story Of The Men Who Made The Adverts, published by Sceptre.

There's only one problem with this man : he supports West Ham.

Sam Delaney, I salute you.


CTaylor said...

I flicked through Company in the supermarket yesterday and couldn't find anything about the short story competition. Can you remember which month's edition it's in?

Adzie said...

I too am in absolute love with that man.
I seen his programme on BBC3 last night. I was just about ready to fall asleep as it came on, and I found myself watching it all the way through. He's so witty.
I too want to be a journalist and i'm studying to be one. I can only hope that I can write and make such statements like him.
And also I think he's really, really cute.

John said...

And what is wrong with him being a West Ham fan. That just makes him even more believeable (oops, that looks dodgy spelling).

So he doesn't "support" Chelsea, etc.

Good, he's an honest footy supporter. Which is rare.

Bear said...

I've only just found these comments!
Adzie.... my Adz?!?!
thanks for your comments.... Delaney has been replaced by another charming (yet not so witty) guy in Company, but still keep up with his blog online :)