Friday, 7 September 2007

miss write : cosmo on the doormat

I was amazed by the early release and the postman waking me up at 8am for my Cosmo but also confused not to see any mention of Miss Write on the cover.

Or on the contents page.

THE WINNER HAS NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED! I repeat... the winner has not been announced in this months' issue of Cosmo. On page 270 is the advert for next months' Cosmo and it is not mentioned on there either.

However, the runners up have...

Six months ago we launched the search for Cosmo's Miss Write - the next star of chick lit. And here are the runners up, who win a coaching session with author Louise Candlish, £100 to spend on, a book a week for a year, plus a year's subscription to Cosmo...

Stacey Taylor, 24
From Cardiff, penned 'Sequel Opportunity', the tale of a former child actress choosing between normal life and showbiz.

Elisa McGarry, 23
From Winchester, wrote 'Playing Happy Families', about a woman's battle with fertility, infidelity and insistent old flames.

Gail Haslam, 33
From London, created Kate, the heroine of 'Miss Me?', who gave up her career for love, and wound up single and unemployed - before fighting back.

Nicola Brear, 23
From Barnsley, spun a Manhattan tale of restaurants, romance and riches in 'The Restaurant'.

Kristen Paul, 26
From Hampshire, plunged us into the scandalous world of baby modelling in 'I See You Baby'.

CONGRATS to all of the runners up, and I can't help wondering when the winner will be announced!


A. Writer said...

Thanks for posting the article! Saves me from buying the magazine now! lol!

Made for interesting reading.

Thanks again!

CTaylor said...

Thanks so much for posting that Dansi. At last - we've all been put out of our misery!

I've linked to this post in my blog so you can expect several hundred Miss Write entrants to arrive on your doorstep any time soon!

Did they say anything else in the mag about the comp or just list the runners up? I can only imagine that they're photographing/interviewing the winner to be featured in a future edition of Cosmo.

Bear said...

They wrote nothing at all, and it's only a tiny little corner of the page where they've put th runner ups! it's page 27 where the reader's letters is, that's all! i flicked through the mag three times just to make sure i hadn't missed it haha!

i was surprised to see it sent out to subscribers so early before release??

Sarah*G* said...

thats for that Dansi! I had a quick google of the runners up and one of them has a website already with her 'book' The Restaurant mentioned on it. kind of glad i didn't win. wonder when winner will be announced? very curious that not in the magazine!

Bear said...

ahh right which website's that? i wouldn't mind having a look. Some of the runner's up stories seem good and unique but I still can't help but feel kinda bummed that mine didn't go through!

A. Writer said...

Brear's website must be VERY new cos as soon as I found out their names I googled each and every one of them and got nothing.

It's a very basic site, there are extracts of her book there. I've yet to read them-I will when I have a spare few minutes.

A. Writer said...

I see that Nichola Brear is also in a band. How many pies does that girl have fingers in???

Sarah*G* said...

yeah a.writer, not the best website but gets her profile out there i guess. not read her chapters yet but will have a look see later. still wondering why no mention of winner. very strange. also would have thought would have been a bigger feature that a small little bit in it on letters page!

Little_miss_perfect said...

hmm I had a quick look on that Nicola's site. The restaurant story does sound quite good! Her other one though (the enemies closer one) sounds EXACTLY like a book I've already read!

I'm still interested to know why no winner has been announced. They said in the October issue of cosmo... we need some answers!

nik_brear said...

It turns out there isn't going to be a Miss Write winner after all, the judges said they didn't feel any of the entries was quite ready for immediate publication so the five shortlisted names are the five finalists and that's it for another year! xx