Saturday, 1 September 2007

another miss wrong

So I, along with about 3,200 other people, have been sitting heart in throat every time the phone rang in the past three or so months.

That's right, Cosmopolitan's Miss Write competition has had us all sat crossed-legged on our beds going over and over our first three chapters on our laptops, cross-examining every single sentence until we were almost shedding tears. 'They must love that line but I sooo shouldn't have put that in' has been running through our heads as we frantically changed paragraphs only to remember that our entry had been sent and there was nothing we could do about it.

I had the secret hope in me just like everyone else that I would be placed in the competition, even though I knew it was practically impossible because of the amount of entries they had received this year. But it's okay for me to hope, right?

Wrong, now that the winners have been told and will be announced in October's issue of the magazine, out on your news stands 14th Sept.

But it was worth it. I can't wait for the competition to come around again, so that I can feel the same excitement as I did this year, the feeling that will make me work harder and polish better to give me a bigger chance of that dream prize.


A. Writer said...

Hi from another 'Miss Wrong'!

I found your blog via the link you've got to mine!

Not sure how you found me, could it be through Cally's blog??

Anyway, just thought I'd pop on and say hello!

Sarah*G* said...

I too was a Miss Write entrant and not a winner or shortlist. But it has givenme the inspiration to carry on and get my finger out and finish the damn thing! All the best with your writing!