Monday, 10 September 2007


I've finally been on the site and understood what all of this is about! And to be honest, I'm rather very excited about taking part... I've never heard of it before, and only came to know of it by reading one of your blogs, but it seems like a really fun idea... as the site says, quantity not quality, and you allow yourself to write crap, but you MAY enjoy it, and may get the whole thing finished!

Can anyone give me more information - have you entered previous years? Do you put a big pressure on yourself to get the novel finished or do you happily sit there creating a magical piece of fiction in 30 days?

I have written 34,000 words for my latest novel over 18 months, so it will be good to see how I can cope and whether I can finish the novel in only 30 days on top of university and part time work! I have an outline of what I will be writing about, but as for the rest I'm prepared to just let it flow and maybe surprise myself with what I can come up with.

Let me know...!


Keris said...

I've done it three times now - every year since 2004. I'm still working on the book I wrote in 2004 (!) but I got an agent on the strength of the YA book I wrote in 2005 and it's currently being sent to various publishers.

It almost seems magical how NaNo works. It's hard work at times, but at other times, the book almost seems like it's writing itself!

Let me know if you're going to do it because I'll probably be doing something on the blog I edit, Trashionista (

Good luck!

Keris x

Bear said...

ahh I love your website!

And congrats on your books!

I guess I won't know whether I'm going to complete it until I get my uni timetable [next week] and find out how hectic my Nov might be! But i really do want to try, and am really looking forward to it!