Friday, 14 September 2007

an ode to #2 : joe-seph the greatest

I'm quite sad today. I went out for dinner last night with my best friend Joe. We've been friends for 10 years and he's the best; he's more loyal than most of my girlfriends and I can always count on him to make me smile.

We go to the pub quiz and do dismally. He beats me at pool because every game I pot the black. He offers my brother discount on Vans at the place he works. He reckons we dated in Year 5; I can't remember a thing. I dropped a Valentines' Day card through his door in year 5; he can't remember a thing. We nearly dated at school. We nearly dated twice at college. And after all that we've been through [or not been through, as it seems] we've ended up closer than ever and very, very good friends.

And he's leaving for Manchester Met Uni on Sunday.

It's fair enough saying he'll be home for Christmas and Easter but that's not the point. I'm used to going cinema, going for a drink and a drive [not on the same night OC] and having fun. I'm used to him always being there for me.

And I'm really, really sad, to the point where I suddenly can't wait for my second and his first [:gap year] to be over so that it can be summer again and he'll be back home.

He said it's unlikely he'll return to Leicester after he graduates, probably staying, living and working in Manchester. He'll be growing up and moving on, and so will I. I may do my training elsewhere, or if not then I will most probably be working elsewhere aftewards.

I don't like change. Sometimes I'm afraid of the future. Sometimes I wonder, shit what am I going to do if I'm separated from my boyfriend and my friends? Will be life be so much more different than this in 5 years time? The answer will most probably be yes. And in a way it's exciting but it's also terrifying.

But that's life.
And I'm going to miss you.

Joe, I salute you.


Sean Smith said...

doesn't it suck when good friends leave? especially when they are as cute as he is

Bear said...

sucks big time. gutted.