Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A great opportunity

I wonder how many 1,000s of graduates will apply for this job?!

The Robert Warren Scholarship

The News of the World is delighted to announce the 2009 Robert Warren Graduate Scholarship in journalism - named in memory of one of the greatest journalists ever to grace British newspapers.

In an unparallelled 45 years with Britain's biggest Sunday newspaper, Bob, as all his friends knew him, filled a range of roles from reporter to news editor and executive editor. He passed away in early January, aged 73, and was known throughout the industry for the time and help he would give to young journalists. Prime Minister Gordon Brown described him as ''an inspiration to so many others.'' Colin Myler, editor of the News of the World, said: ''Many senior executives owe their careers to the start Bob gave them. It is absolutely fitting that our scholarship carries his name. "Journalists who pass through our training scheme should know that they are custodians of a great tradition of excellence in reporting and story-getting, and Bob helped forge that tradition for almost half a century. We will make sure each new generation respects the values that made Bob so special.''

If you’ve always wanted to train and work at the highest level of media, this is your chance. The winner of our scholarship will receive the most comprehensive training in our industry.

Graduates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

All we ask is that you have a university degree (or equivalent qualification) or be in the final year of a degree course. Of course, you must also be able to demonstrate a passion for the News of the World on all its platforms.

Our scholarship, run in conjunction with The Journalism Centre at Harlow College in Essex, lasts for two years during which our successful candidate will receive a salary. The News of the World will also pay tuition fees at Harlow College.

This is how the two years will be broken up:

September 2009 - Feb 2010
Our successful applicant will attend the 19-week postgraduate course at Harlow College’s Journalism Centre. This is an intensive, all-encompassing course providing a solid foundation on which to build and develop your journalistic talents.

During the course you’ll spend all your available free time (apart from your holiday entitlement) at the News of the World. Working in various departments, you’ll cover everything from a Premiership match to major political and showbiz stories both in print and online.

Feb 2010 - September 2011
You’ll gain experience of every relevant department in the News of the World. Apart from working on our news, features, picture and sports desks – plus Fabulous magazine and our website – you will look at the work of our circulation, marketing, production and advertising departments. You may also spend time at the News of the World’s Scottish or Irish offices.
How Do I Apply?

Applications must be typewritten and submitted by post. They must also include the following:
- A full CV
- An explanation of why the News of the World should choose you, in not more than 100 words.
- Your three favourite News of the World front pages and a 50-word comment on each.
- Details/examples of any newspaper/magazine/website work experience.

Applications should be sent to:

All applications must be received no later than Friday, May 8, 2009

What sort of work experience do we expect?
While this scholarship is not aimed at people who already have a full-time job in our industry, those candidates we choose for interview MUST be able to demonstrate a history of involvement in NEWSPAPER journalism.

This is likely to be work experience with your local weekly, evening or daily newspaper - and not just contributions to websites or specialist magazines.

That said, at the News of the World we take our online edition extremely seriously, so additional experience in digital media is also welcomed.

It would also be a distinct advantage if your CV and cuttings can also show a commitment to newspaper work outside what we call your 'comfort zone' - that is, on a newspaper which is not in your home area.

Do I need to be an expert on the News of the World?
We accept that while most people read us on a Sunday, there may still be a few misguided souls who don't.

Clearly, though, if you're going to apply for a scholarship with us you'd be mad not to understand what makes us so passionate about great tabloid journalism. And, of course, if you get an interview you can expect us to be asking you about the paper.

I'm not sure I can make the application deadline. Can I have an extension?
In a word, no. Deadlines matter. Producing great journalism to tight time constraints is part of our lives - and if you're one of our next graduate trainees it will be part of yours too.

What happens after you receive the applications? Will I know what happens to mine?
Everyone, without exception, gets a reply though, clearly, that won't be until after the closing date. From the applications we receive, we will choose a number for interview. These interviews are likely to take place in June 2009 with the successful applicant notified very soon after interview.

If I'm successful, what happens then?
Between interview and the start of the Harlow course in September 2009, we expect you to engage in at least a fortnight's work experience with a mainstream UK daily or evening regional newspaper outside your comfort zone.

We hope you'll have enough acumen to arrange your own work experience.

What sort of work will I be doing at the News of the World?
Proper journalism. We certainly won't get you making the coffee or doing the photocopying. From day one, you'll be contributing to the paper, doing everything you can - with our help - to get great bylined stories in print and on our website.

You'll be working alongside some of the greatest names in tabloid journalism - people who are just as excited by our graduate scheme as you are. So far, all our previous graduate trainees have managed front-page bylines during their traineeship.

What sort of holidays do I get?
Holidays? You want holidays? Fair enough. Our graduate trainees get six weeks' paid holiday a year, September to September.

Your first break from the Harlow course will be in late October/early November 2009 when you will have a week away from college. During this week you will work on the News of the World. Your next time away from Harlow will be at Christmas 2009 when you will have a fortnight away from the course.

You'll spend one week at the News of the World and have one week's well-deserved holiday out of your six weeks' entitlement. After your final exams in February 2010 (which we naturally expect you to pass well!) you'll be working full-time on the News of the World until September 2011.

What if I have any more queries?
E-mail our deputy managing editor Paul Nicholas at -


Amy said...

Hmm, I think that's the difference between you and me - because where you see an amazing opportunity, I think, "Ugh, that sounds horrible! So cut-throat and nasty!"

I think magazine journalism is slighty more sedate than newspaper journo, because there's not that daily rush of deadlines. But I think I'm too nice a person to work in such a nasty industry!

Dans said...

There's always daily rush of deadlines in magazine journalism! I see it as an opportunity because it is a way into the industry, and such a big organisation giving such a big chance to a graduate is a great thing x

Amy said...

Yeah, I know it's a great thing, and that it's a really tough industry to crack. Despite this, though, and despite my love of writing, oh, I just couldn't! The thought petrifies me. I think I'd rather grab a pair of pliers and pull out my own teeth, without anaesthetic, and without even the aid of a mirror, than apply for this job. The very thought of working in such an environment makes me shake with fear!!

I assume you're applying though....differences in personality I guess....but good luck! xx

Dans said...

Yeah, uh thanks for the support!

Amy said...

lol you know what I mean I hope! xx

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