Friday, 13 February 2009

i'm hereee i'm hereee pick meee pick meee!!!

God, I miss Legs 11! I miss writing, I miss competitions, I miss everything and anything about writing. I still read, and I still catch up on everyone's blogs and achievements, I just never seem to have time to write.

Life's been pretty crazy, there's always drama drama, never a chance to sit still for an hour and think, right, let's get on with Legs 11! I'm sooo itching to do it, but first there's books to read, articles to write, impossible essays to complete, a publication to produce AND A DISSERTATION. Scary stuff. The scariest part of it all is that after all of <----that hard work, I have to try and find a job, which looks like the hardest part of it all. So I just wanted to apologise for being away from the writing blogosphere for so long, however I do update my personal blog very frequently over at
danslily with some fun things going on, quotes of the week, the lovely yum of the week not to mention updates on my wonderful new relationship. Yep after almost a year as a happy singleton I am now dating one of my friend's brothers and he's loooovely and yum.

All is good, and graduation is just around the corner, which means that surely the Legs 11 rewrite is not that far away either?!

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