Saturday, 23 August 2008

now reading

Has anybody read this book? I got through all of my holiday reads and couldn't bear to wait around Athens/Luton airport for two and a half hours without a new book in my hand. So, with the limited choice on display at Athens, I picked up Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter - I loved the cover, and the blurb offered a good, light read for my flight.

After being wrapped up by Gossip Girl I didn't get the chance to read it, however after coming home I logged onto Trashionista (naturally.!) and found disappointing reviews for Potter's new release, Me and Mr Darcy, with links to people who also weren't very pleased with this book. I'm still going to continue to go ahead and read it, but wondered if anyone had any views/reviews on this book or any of her others? I've never heard of the author before but her novels include Calling Romeo, Going La La, Do You Come Here Often? and Mr and Mr Darcy. She has a new release for January 2009, titled Who's That Girl?

The heart-throb in Be Careful What You Wish For is called James... what a perfect name for a heartbreaker............ Another thing that inspired me to read one of Potter's books is the author herself, who has achieved what I aspire to do in future - Potter has worked as a features writer and sub-editor for women's UK glossies including Elle, More, OK! and Vogue. Wow!


Amy said...

I've read it! I liked it a whole lot. It's funny and sweet. I didn't even mind Me & Mr Darcy that much, although I prefer this one.

I saw that post on trashionista - I'll have to doublecheck but if i recall correctly, I commented on it at the time and I thought that other people who were disappointed with Me & Mr Darcy should try one of her other books. x

Debs said...

I've got this in my tbr pile, but haven't read it yet. Glad to hear that it's a good read.

Bear said...

thanks amy! i'm pleased you liked it, im looking forward to reading it!