Friday, 22 August 2008

the bookshelf - holiday reads

The Bride Hunter - Amy Appleton

I picked this book up a few weeks before my holiday and it looked so delicious that I jumped straight in and started reading it, before finding that life was too hectic to sit down and enjoy it completely. So I reopened it on my first beach day in Greece... and couldn't put it down. It's fantastic, I LOVE IT and it's jumped straight into my shrine.

I'm a hopeless romantic and all throughout the novel I was wishing for Becca to find her own man, at the same time admiring her for the changes she makes to the lives of those unlucky in love. I was gripped until the very last pages and it was so fabulous that I was tempted to turn back to page one and read it all over again.

It's full of twists and turns and unexpected surprises - go and read it, now!

I didn't know that 'Amy Appleton' had her own blog here too, at , so if you haven't already then check that out!


Amy said...

Hmm that sounds good I must read it!!

Bear said...

yeah please do - its amazing!