Wednesday, 17 September 2008

the [problem with the] bookshelf

i'm having a slight problem. I'm packing, getting all excited for my move-into-flat day on Saturday. The dvds I want with me are packed, the exclusive CDs are packed and the rest on iTunes........ and then there are the books.

I want to take all of my books with me. Yes, all 78 of them!!! There's just one problem - I know for certain that they will not all fit in my tiny tiny tiny tiny dorm room.

So which ones do I take? I love them all, and if I leave them behind they will surely find themselves in the trash can [the brother is moving into my room].

This made me think of something as I looked at all of my wonderful books -which is your favourite book of all time? I found mine hiding on the top of my bookshelf whilst sorting out my collection:

Danielle Steel - The Ring

"In the turbulent days of Germany nin the Thirties, Kassandra von Gotthard met the man who changed her life ... Dolff Sterne.

She was the beautiful wife of a wealthy banker. He was a famous Jewish writer.

Together they shared a love that happens only once in a lifetime. But theirs was a love fated to end in tragedy.

The fateful day came when Dolff was wrenched from Kassandra's arms by Nazi soldiers - leaving her heartbroken and humiliated. And Kassandra decided that her life was no longer worth living. All that she leaves for her descendants is her memory of pain and a diamond signet ring. A ring that will carry the destiny of the von Gotthards to new lives and new loves..."

My best friend from Australia sent it to me to read about a week before we lost touch forever, so this book really means a lot to me. It made me cry absolute buckets, but it had me gripped all of the way through.

And it's definitely on the take-to-dorm pile!

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Debs said...

Best of luck choosing your books, I would hate to have to try and do that with mine. It's not easy.

I've never read, The Ring, but it certainly looks a great read.