Wednesday, 17 October 2007

an update

Everything has been so hectic at uni lately that I've hardly had any chance to open my laptop, let alone sit down and write!! I'm quite disappointed that I haven't been able to find any time at all for Legs, but hopefully the weeks will ease off a bit and I'll be able to get another couple of thousand words done in the next couple of weeks.

I've two assignments to do for mid-november, so even NaNoWriMo is looking a bit shaky, although I can try my best to turn into Wonderwoman and do all three at the same time! How's everyone else's writing coming along? Congrats to KayJay for getting an extract of her work published in an anthology - she was one of only twelve people picked for it - that's amazing and KayJay along with Jude proves that we do not need Cosmopolitan to help us reach stardom with our writing!

Also, make sure you nip over to Word Counting.... and Lady with the Laptop's blogs to read the first pages of their unpublished paperback novels. Very brave of them, and very pleasing to read too!

I'm going to set out a few comments, update my fashion blog [check it out!] and then off to lectures I go!

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