Monday, 29 October 2007


I don't know why I can suddenly keep doing it, but it just comes to me. I wrote 3,114 words tonight. It just all flowed so easily and I'm confident that I can be onto my re-write by the end of the year. I've picked and chosen which scenes I've wanted to write, so I have the boring part of filling in the gaps afterwards, but at the moment I'm really pleased with myself.

The reason I got to write so many words tonight is that I left my 4,000 word medieval and renaissance literature book in my journalism lab on Fri, which means that I can't actually do my assignment. And I can't collect it until weds, which is a bit of a bummer seems as it has to be done by Monday. But never mind, we all learn.

Now, I'm sorry if I've given anyone a heart attack by this picture. But this young gentleman here is the muse for Legs 11. He is the main character's love interest half way through my novel just before she starts her downward spiral. And it's amazing, because I've always had Jamie Dornan in mind for this specific character. But I've not actually been able to get on well with my character until I started researching pictures and info on the lovely Jamie, and now I feel as though I've got his character spot on [his physical side for definite, anyway!] You might think it's so typical of me to chose a male like this to present as one of my characters, but this is the fickle modelling industry we're talking about, and I am more than happy to concentrate my thoughts more on Jamie if it means I'm going to succeed more with my novel... wouldn't anyone be?!

Anyway. Back to the novel. I've always been one to babble on... 62,895 words have been written, and I just know that I'm going to go way over the 80,000 mark before the novel finishes. I also haven't yet included any of the important info regarding modelling [like, none of it.] and so I'm a bit concerned at how many words I'll end up with, but then again I can't wait until the rewrite where I can add the needed bits in, and take away the 30,000 words of crap.

At the moment I'm both concerned and happy. I really want to go somewhere with Legs; it's the most mature writing I've ever done and I really hope that come next year I will have shaped my novel into the perfect piece of writing I have imagined in my head.

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Fiona said...

Does your novel have to be 80,000 words? Could it be 100K?

I know what you mean about editing. I have taken so long to write my book (three years!!)that the first ten chapters are totally rubbish but...I hope that instead of erasing them, I will merely write over them.

I have gone all wobbly after looking at the young guy here. I am too old but in my dreams....:)