Tuesday, 22 July 2008

the bookshelf

Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham

I picked this book up from WHSmith, after hearing about the international success of her website
http://www.hollysinbox.com/. It read well, and being in its email form, I finished it in just a day.

I enjoyed reading it but wasn't as gripped as I thought I would be - there was huge hype surrounding this book but I'm not sure it lives up to it. I much preferred reading the emails as they unravelled in real time on her website.... and where was all the scandal? There was gossip, back-stabbing, friendship and office bitching, but scandal I wasn't really so sure about.

I was left a bit disappointed, and although I loved the warmth of the characters I couldn't really click with Holly as much as I hoped I would. It's a fun, light read, although not gripping enough.

Next read: The Bride Hunter - Amy Appleton


Paige said...

I'm really interested in your thoughts on The Bride Hunter - just bought that myself yet to read it though!

Bear said...

I'm only around 5 pages in, it does have me gripped already though!