Friday, 21 March 2008

the bookshelf

The Chocolate Run - Dorothy Koomson

I can't remember the last time I found myself giggling out loud so often when reading a book. This book is FANTASTIC! I picked it up from WHSmith one night to start reading in the interval at Bingo (yes, really) and I haven't been able to put it down for so long. I love Amber, the main character. She's so warm, bubbly, funny... and she's a chocoholic!

I haven't finished reading it yet but I'd definitely recommend it. It's cheered me up no end and has been getting me through my breakup with my boyfriend, making me smile every day.


Cal said...

Sorry to hear you broke up with your boyfriend Dani :o( but lovely to see you blogging again. I hope uni is keeping you busy and happy and that you're still writing! ;o)

A. Writer said...

I just want to echo what Cal said above. Break ups are horrible. I'm sending you hugs.

Reading funny books helped me with break ups too.

Bear said...
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Bear said...

It was my choice and my decision, and I found that breaking up with him wasn't the hardest thing to do. It's him and everything around him hating me for it afterwards that I'm finding it hard to cope with - it's amazing how many people would rather you not be happy

Bear said...

everyone** around him.
Jesus, can't string a sentence together today!

A. Writer said...

Not easy. Hopefully everyone will come round. I'm sure you had your reasons and they will see that.

Sarah*G* said...

Sorry to hear about your break up. :(
Hope uni is going well though.
Good luck with your writing too.

Amy Rose said...

Hi Dansi, nice to see you back!

I've given my own blog a lil' bit of a makeover since you last visited, and got rid of all my old horrible rants.....

This is poss. too much info, but I was in a kinda bad place emotionally back then and I'm a lot more positive now and looking actively for inspiration and things to be glad for - as well as concentrating on finally writing the damn book!

Hope you're in a postive place too,
Amy x