Thursday, 15 November 2007

an update

Even though there really is no update! I haven't had a chance to write at ALL in the past two weeks, I can't believe it! I managed a palty 230 or so words last week! All around me, especially in our beloved Finishers, people are succeeding with their novels and the only thing I have time for is essays!

Now that I've handed in my impossible essay and don't have another one in until 12th December, I am going to sit down with my cuppa and my galaxy caramel bar, spend an hour on my fashionlily updates, and then WRITE!

I will NOT:
Look on the internet for christmas presents
Spend the whole night browsing
Play scrabble on FB
Tidy my room
Do my washing [yes I actually do my washing as an excuse to put off my essay]

And I will WRITE!


Lane said...

But is so addictive!
Glad you got your essay in. Hurrah!
Remember Galaxy in any shape or form always helps (whereas Nestles does not) and better do some washing. Nothing worse than a stinky writer:-)

A. Writer said...

Scrabble on FB is very addictive! I can't get enough of the game!

Once your essays are out the way if you fancy a game of scrabble just let me know and I'll add you on FB!

Bear said...

Feel free to add me! my name is Danielle Wright! I have the same pic on FB as I do here! And then we can play scrabble anytime! xx

Sarah*G* said...

I agree that Scrabble on FB is highly addictive. Actually FB in general is highly addictive. You should check out the Novel Racers group on Facebook too. Most of the writers are in the group. You should join too Lane if you haven't already! Come on over to the dark side!!